A Goodnight Letter To My Sweet Angel

A Goodnight Letter To My Sweet Angel
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Every day with you is magical, every moment spent with you is so precious and I am falling in love with you more and more every day.

I know that right now we are very far away, but that doesn't stop me from being away from you, and the distance is only temporary and we will overcome it soon.

I know you know that I love you, and I believe in our love, and the power it possesses to bring us together and makes us happy ever after.

Your smile and laughter brings me joy and strength every day, to keep up with all the good and bad situations I become a part of.

Your support for everything I do means the world to me.

I only want to ask again for your patience and good will until we meet, and it will be very soon.

My life will be completely empty without you, because you are the reason and the meaning for everything.

My heart is melting whenever you say "I love you baby" with that sweet voice of yours, and it is almost like you are with me, looking deeply in my eyes and hugging me.



I miss you with every breath I take, my only wish is to hold your hand and make you mine.

Our love is stronger than any obstacle that comes in our path, and it will overcome any temptation and any negativity because our love is true love.



I hope that you will read my letter, and feel my love that I am writing in these simple words, wishing you good night, and wishing that you dream our dream and wishing that our dream becomes true.

Good night to the sweetest angel of all angels, I love you, and I will always love you.



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