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I miss you my sweetheart

I miss you my sweetheart
Posted: 4th Mar 2013
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My Sweetheart!
Can you tell me if there is hope for our love? Everyone says, distance love won't last forever. But, I truly believe our love for each other will last forever. Every mile between us seems like a hundred, but I want you to know that I will always be here for you. When I'm with you, I am filled with so much love, joy and passion.
I often listen to our favorite love song, and I hope that you will never stop loving me. I know our friends secretly admire our love, because they keep calling us love birds. And, when I start to wonder if there is hope for our love, I often think about how much I miss kissing your lips, and holding you in my arms. I miss you my love, and I want this feeling of loneliness to disappear. Sometimes, the pain is unbearable and I can barely breathe from wanting you so much.
- Secret's Author
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