Last Breath of Love In The Coffee Shop

Last Breath of Love In The Coffee Shop
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Katy worked the night shift at the diner after her day shift at the shoe store.

She was constantly looking for Mr.

Right but working so many hours left her little time for love and romance.

There were plenty of men that came into both the diner and the shoe store but none that just seem to steal her heart.

Luke loved eating at the diner, it was his favorite place to have diner and it also gave him a chance to see Katy.

He had been visiting the diner since Katy started and was harboring strong feelings of passion for her The week before Christmas, Luke stopped in the diner to not only have dinner but to present Katy with a gift that he had chosen for her to let her know his feelings.

She was busy putting on a fresh pot of coffee when Luke entered but she saw him come in and felt the hair on her neck stand up.

There was something about Luke that excited her and she wasn't quite sure what it was.

Luke sat at his regular table and she brought him a fresh cup of coffee, they spoke about the chain of robberies that had been going on in their little town and then Luke placed his order.

When Katy brought his food back, she sat the plate on the table and Luke handed her his gift.

He explained that he was in love her and didn't quite know how to tell so he chose to get her a gift.

She smiled sweetly at him and sat in the chair next to him.

When Katy sat down, a man armed with a gun came through the door and demanded the money from the register.

As Katy got up to get the money, Luke got up to followed not trusting the gunman.

The gun went off shooting Luke in the side of the head and killing him.

Luke gave his life trying to protect Katy from the gunman but he was able to let her know that he loved her.

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