My promise to love you forever

My promise to love you forever
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When God sent you to me he told me to keep your heart safe, so this is my vow to you, I will be there when you go to sleep I will be there when you are awake, I will give you my heart and all that I am, from now until forever, I vow to love you, unconditionally, to protect your heart, to be faithful and honest always, to never go to sleep upset or mad at one another, to cherish, every moment and day that we have, to make you happy and show you my heart is in your hands, I love you today, tomorrow my love will only grow stronger and deeper, I will accept all that you are and everything that comes along with being yours forever, I will never ever leave you, for I need you by my side always and forever, your love has consumed my heart, and together we are one, we have our ups and downs but at the end of the day our love stands STRONG! I love you my sweetest and I am honored to call myself yours, I knew the moment we met I would forever want you by my side.



Today, tomorrow, and forever!!!

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