True love is like a dream

True love is like a dream
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How do we know our love is true? True love has a surreal feeling to it, true love is like a dream that we wish not to wake from, it has the ability to bring us much pleasure in life, it relaxes us.

The surreal feeling that is true love must be embraced and excepted, for it has its roots in the real world from where it is nourished

I love you today.

But it is only a continuation of the love I felt for you yesterday, and the love I will feel for you through all our tomorrows.

Even though I wander, I'm keeping you in sight.

You're a candle in the window, on a cold dark winters night.

Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale

Loving you is one of the greatest wonders of the universe.



I may never be able to find the most authentic words to express my sincere love for you despite of all the love quotes and poems in the world.



I know of no other love other than loving you.



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