Whom would I love if not you

Whom would I love if not you
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Whom would I love if not you
and with whom would I share all joy and pain
my heart is your home
shining with hope and covered with passionWho would wait for me if not you
to come back to you from a land far away
to dry all the sorrow from your eyes
and make love bloom againThe smile rising from your face
will make all the rain and dark clouds disappear
in my life and in all my lives
the best part of all is youFrom this day on you are my only one
see, your name written on my palm
like a golden line straight to my heart
forever beside me, my dearest
from this day on you are all that is sacred to me
and look, only for you and me
time throws roses on our path
and i take your hand
and walk to the end.



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