You make my world a fairytale

You make my world a fairytale
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My heart is overwhelmed with great sadness and longing for you.

It must be this awful distance and that I can not see you every day, and true love that grows stronger from day to day.

You stole my heart so slowly that even I can not understand what is happening with my feelings.

Awake at night and I dream of you, I dream of the day that we will meet and yet millions of sweet dreams about you.

In my thoughts I often revive the day we last hugged and kissed.

It was so passionate and full of love and desire.

I remember the night we sat on the shore and enjoyed the sweetest and most gentle kisses, while we listened to the waves and the music from the distance.

Everything seemed just like a fairy tale.

And that night as much as I was happy, there was some sadness inside me.

I knew that in a couple of days I will go back to my town and leave all the good memories behind.

In those few days you gave me so much love.

You tried to make me happy, while pain was inside me, slowly tearing me apart.

It was so difficult for me to accept the truth that I have to return back to my city, and not know when I will see you again.

I don't know if you noticed and understood those feelings of sadness inside me.

You knew that my feelings for you are honest with too much love and tenderness.

So many times when I hugged you and kissed you, I wondered if you feel the sadness of the distance that separates us.

I admit that this often crosses my mind.

sometimes my heart is bursting of happiness because I know that our love is mutual, and when I am alone I feel so lonely and tearing apart.

I become very weak and fragile and I miss you and need you badly.

Soon the day will come when we will meet and become as one again.

That thought is giving me strength to live every day, and the sweetest smile on my face knowing you will be there, and you will be waiting for me to come and be happy again.

I need you to be complete, only you can make me happy and only you can make my world a fairy tale again.

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