Our Beautiful Tree In The Middle

Our Beautiful Tree In The Middle
Posted by famtazy
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Now I am confused a little
Being alone with all my thoughts
Staring at our tree in the middle
At its directions and knots.

It’s so different from the other trees
It’s hidden but gets our attention
It’s like it always stays and sees
All the people’s intervention.

It knows more and we know less
And we think we know all about the world
It’s not even hard for us to confess
That our souls are tired and old.

Our tree was born in a cruel place
This makes it sad and lonely
The other trees don’t show their face
But they’re all the same and simple only.

This cruel place makes me sad a little
And I will leave now and chase my thirst
But the beautiful tree in the middle
May suffer a lot and would die first.

-Fam Kundeva

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